Pricing information for EppiVent Toilet

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DIY Price* &
Distributor Installed Price*

The kit costs $775 and contains the “key parts” or “operational guts” of the technology.  It will be assembled or marked so well that a “handy” person can put it together easily.  We can send this as a “small package” with UPS as opposed to having to send it as “freight UPS”.  This lowers customer shipping costs.  Kit will have instructions. The kit will not include the large (500 liter) and small (100 liter) tanks and long pipe lengths (vent), etc.  They can be purchased at your local builder’s supply store

The needed items not included in the kit will be purchased on location by the customer.  This additional cost is probably about $350 (most of which is for the two tanks—new**).  Considering the $775 kit we ship to you (customer pays shipping) and the $350 additional you spend on location, you will have all the parts you need for about $1,125.   This is your Customer (DIY)  assemble and install price.

When we get Licensed Distributors (the franchise model), they can buy the kit from us, handle the on location expenses and assemble and install the unit, cover their overhead and take an entrepreneurial profit, for a suggested sales price of $1,625, Distributor assemble and install.

This plan allows everyone to win.  The inventor, franchisee and the DIY customer all have a chance to make money (or in case of the DIY customer, to save money).   Franchisees making money is a key inducement to spread the toilet around the world, and still offer, by comparison to similar toilets on the market, a very competitive price, to the customer.

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*Prices assume grid electricity available for the powered vent.  The solar package can be added for an additional $205.

**We have heard of successful use of approximate 100 gallons plastic trash containers—the kind you roll to the street each week.  They are so sturdy that the huge trash truck can pick up automatically and dump and replace on the ground.  They usually have a 2’ x 2+’ top opening, stand about 40+” high.  The wheels and lid can be removed and the top leveled.  If you  should happen to own one of these you might want to try it rather than the recommended 130 gallon size tank which usually cost around $220 to $240.

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