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Teaching Democracy Made Easy

The Democracy Book and Teacher's Manual
The Free Enterprise Book and Teacher's Manual
The Entrepreneur Discovery Six Weekend Training Guide

The purpose of this website is to provide excellent books for teaching democracy and free enterprise to children around the world.

These books, and the teacher's manuals, are written for use with school children. We offer the books free of charge.

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You may also read The Democracy Book online, translated into your language!

You may also read The Free Enterprise Book online, translated into your language!

You may also read The Entrepreneur Discovery Book online, translated into your language!

About the Author

Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, (Ph.D. in Human Services, M.A. in Sociology, B.A. in education) is a teacher and a counselor. He has taught at the university and elementary levels. He has spent a lifetime teaching in, and devising instructional materials for, various projects that he loves. He has spent time in Latin America and enjoys a passable facility in speaking Spanish. Post 9/11 he searched for ways to make the world a better place for all people. He decided that spreading democracy and free enterprise is a viable way to do that. Writing these books for school children around the world seemed a reasonable way to start. It is a heart gift to the human family. He lives with his wife in Marietta, Georgia, USA, and is active in Spanish activities, counseling, and business. He desires for all people to be free!