The Democracy Book-Conclusion of Story

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Conclusion of Story:

By the time Elena’s birthday arrived both political parties were ready for a rest. They needed a break from the intense campaign. They agreed to stop the campaign for one week and focus on a different kind of party—Elena’s birthday party. And what a party it was! There was so much good food to eat.  And many people got all dressed up for the event.

It was doubly special for Nadesh and Petra because they had now been here for more than a year. The sandwiches were very good. After his second one, Nadesh thought of the captain and the pirates who had killed their parents and been so mean to them. That was a long time ago, he thought. It was hard to keep track of all that had happened to him and Petra. What a year! Some of it had been very bad.  And yet, a lot of it had turned out to be very good.

“What are you thinking about?” Petra asked him.

“Well,” replied Nadesh, “I was just thinking of how mean the captain and his pirates were to us. And then all the other stuff that happened. But you know what, Petra, at least the ‘ole captain was right about one thing.”

Petra asked, “What was that?”

Nadesh replied. “It doesn’t make it right, what he did to our parents, and us, but I think he was right when I overheard him talking that night to the first mate. One of the things he said was that people like living in a democracy. Remember, that is why he was bringing us here.”

“I guess you are right,” Petra said. “I know I like living in a democracy. And from what I can see, everyone else does too.”


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