For the Class Trainers

Each day, start with handling any details that need attention.

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Here are some suggestions

  • Welcome the students,
  • Mention topics to covered and sequential complexity strategy— same topic, but gets more advanced as we move through the 6 weeks of training.
  • Explain “discover” aspect—we discover who the most motivated are by their homework and classroom observation—the motivated will be invited back.
  • Classroom discipline is strict/military like….here to learn and eventually to help your community—we are looking for the most committed people.
  • NO cell phones allowed during school hours (disruption not tolerated)
  • Must attend ALL sessions. Maybe only 10% will graduate, or maybe more— depends on your performance during the training.
  • NO certificates given—reward of doing this work is the business you create— certificate is meaningless unless you can start and maintain a business for 1 year.
  • Home work is a MUST and turned in ON TIME is a must.
  • Program benefits: it is like a streamlined, practical, University business degree!
  • If motivated, we can teach you to make money!
  • We will coach the motivated graduates.
  • We make modest investments ($200 or $300 US dollars) to help you get started.
  • You will need to come up with 15% of amount or we won’t invest in you.
  • AFTER you demonstrate success, we may make larger investments in you.

Trainer can truly say: “This school can change your life forever! ITS UP TO YOU!!”

Special Note to Trainers: As compared to the “average” adult in the United States, many adults in developing world don’t have efficient classroom decorum habits — strict order is a must or much time and teacher energy will be wasted. Based on experience in Honduras and Haiti.