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Lesson Plan

  • Worksheet “Quick Analysis”. Teacher lead discussion and explanation
  • Business Plan
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Financial Plan

Quick Analysis


Example: To earn money for my family while providing service to my community.


  • You can have 2, 3 or 4 objectives.
  • What do you want to happen? (See examples.)

Example: My customers will be very satisfied with the service I give.
Example: I will build the business to have $3,000 USD a month gross profit.
Example: I will supply easy-to-install auto parts. I will stock frequently sold items, lesser used items I will order.
Example: Sell chickens to people in my community for butchering.


  • Where and how will you get the money?
  • What is the market, or demand, for your goods or services?

(this is a general statement about the size and money characteristics of your market.)

Include your QUICK ANALYSIS here, even though the details may be reported elsewhere.

  • Start-up costs (What will it cost to get what you need in order to get started?)

Example: Gas generator $ 325
Gasoline, 5 gallons $ 25
Basic inventory $ 95
Total $ 445 USD

  • Basic Operations

Example: Buy baby chicks and raise, then sell. Sell adult chickens at $3.25 USD each and sell 5 a day. Costs for 24 chicks is $10.00 USD, and I will need three bags of food at $15 a bag to get them to the size to sell for butchering.

  • Funding

Example: I need $280 USD to start. I will borrow $40 USD from my aunt and put in $40 myself. I will ask 4 other people to each lend me $50. Total = $280. I will use at least half of it for re-stocking inventory and saving for emergencies and the other half, if needed, I can use as “take home pay” to help with family living expenses.



  • Student will submit a business plans as was taught in class (practice facilitates integration).

*assigned at the end of the weekend.