Additional Books and Resources Recommended

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The Democracy Book by Dr. Jerry Epps

The Free Enterprise Book by Dr. Jerry Epps

Mother Goose Story by Dr. Jerry Epps

The Case for Democracy by Sharonski

War Front To Store Front by Paul Brinkley

Banker To The Poor by Mohammud Yunus

Out of Poverty by Dr. Paul Polak,

The Business Solution to Poverty by Drs. Paul Polak & Mal Warwick

Very good site for all aspects of getting pure water to a house in 3rd world, well types, drilling, distribution, purification.

Excellent grp, sensible programs, great site, wealth of info for the blog.

Woman works to stop hunger, uses digital food (card to buy 9 food items locally grown and nutritious) food warehouses, borrow in lean times and payback with food interest in times of plenty, etc. She had experience—hunger not necessary—we KNOW how to fix it ( not like a disease we don’t know how to cure!)… Josette Sheeran.

Easy to understand facts and figures on poverty, deaths, etc. Good for my Image and world state section.