Brinkley, the Basics

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The basics of his approach:

  1. Conduct survey (demographics, needs, and social and physical resources) from which to develop a relevant action plan.
  2. Determine overall purpose(s) [*1] and list strategic observations [*2]; from there, identify key arenas of action, and then develop specific goals per arena.
  3. Identify key Players in accomplishing arena goals.
  4. Pair experienced 1ST world businessmen with in-country key Players to establish and operate businesses that can sustain themselves and provide jobs.
  5. Encourage and assist the paired teams to obtain capital as needed.

“From North Africa to Afghanistan, from large countries like Egypt and Pakistan to small nations such as Yemen, unemployment and lack of prospects for a better life define daily existence for millions of restive young people, in spite of massive amounts of aid funding channeled from U.S. taxpayers …” (Brinkley, p 3)

*1, For examples see Page 170, “EXAMPLES OF BRINKLEY’S WORK IN IRAQ”
*2, For examples see War Front to Store Front, Brinkley, 2014, pp 223-225, 232, 238