Why Entrepreneur Discovery?

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People can differ greatly from one another in their inclinations and natures. Some are artists by nature, others entertainers by nature, and still other are natural teachers. To be sure, not all are cut out for business, and even fewer are entrepreneurs by nature. But it is entrepreneurs who create new businesses. New businesses lead to job creation and increase in tax revenue. We need entrepreneurs!

It is entrepreneurs who see business opportunities where others do not. They have the drive to put the idea into practice and make a profit. It is not easy to make a profit, but entrepreneurs find a way to make enterprises profitable. When a business is profitable, others share in the benefits too. Employees get hired, merchants have new products and services to sell, the banks have more deposits and can expand their investments, salaries are spent at local stores, and on and on the chain goes. Every economy needs entrepreneurs if a strong economy is to develop.

Entrepreneur Discovery Program, while teaching skills for all who attend a class, is designed to discover the ones who are entrepreneurs by nature. This is a practical program for discovering entrepreneurs. After they are discovered they can be encouraged, coached, and funded to create micro and small businesses. Beyond that it is difficult to predict with certainty. But the future looks bright for a society regularly identifying and then supporting young entrepreneurs.