Choose Item for Sale and Launch Business

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Pick an item: can be a fruit, vegetable, hand item, piece of furniture, etc.

  • Is there already a lot of it available?
  • Would there be a market for it, or more of it, if it already exists?
  • Who will buy it? How much will they buy? How often will they buy?
  • What is needed to produce it?
  • List steps/items needed for production:

  • Estimate expenses: Estimate Income: Estimate profits:
  • Start-up costs?
  • How long to get it to market?
  • What will be the most effective and widely accepted sales pitch?
  • Will there still be a market for this in 2 years? 5 years?
  • Write up the business plan: (cover all the above)
  • Write up the main objections that will be raised about the plan:
  • Write up an argument to overcome each objection

Be prepared to [a] present in class, [b] answer questions and [c] overcome objections.