Create Wealth, the Steps

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Step 1

To start, you need money. [Amounts given in $USD] With $66 you can make money. With $600 you can make more money—9 times as much. It does not matter what amount you start with—the important thing is to get started!

Step 2

Prepare self. Visualize you with lots of money. Think of money making plans that might work. Get skilled in Quick Analysis. Talk to experts about money, about business. Read money ideas on internet, magazines, listen to programs on radio and tv about money. Get your mind ready to think like a business person! Your mind must become a good place for hosting money ideas.

Step 3

Discover what is needed in your area—and how you will fill that need. We make money by providing for others what they need or want. What is needed in your area?

Step 4

Attend to your wealth creating operation every day. Mother Nature will bless your actions, but you must provide the action. Your activity, like talking to people, working with your products, finding new customers, is like watering your garden. If you are serious about creating wealth, do activity toward it every day! Your activity IS the “water” that will grow you wealth creation operation.

Step 5

Protect your wealth creation operation from negativity. No negative people— be very careful who you tell your ideas to—most may mean well, but will discourage you. No negative thoughts—if you see you are thinking negative—stop it! And don’t spend the money you make in the early days. Keep it all to go back into the business—build a strong base before you spend any of the money you make.

Step 6

Harvest! You will have money to buy things you value for you and for those you love.

You did not do the creating—the Creator or Mother Nature did that for you. When growing food, you provided the conditions for growing food—but Mother Nature worked her “magic”, her “miracle” of turning seeds into little plants, then big plants with vegetables—into mature eatable food. Using the water, the soil and your protection, Mother Nature worked her ways and brought you food.

So it is with wealth creation—you follow the steps and the Creator or Mother Nature will prosper your business and bring you money. You did the basic work in growing a garden and Mother Nature brought food. You do the basic work on wealth creation and Creator will bring you money.

The steps in growing a garden to produce food are the same as the steps for creating wealth to produce money.