EXPRESSIONS Benefit of Democracy

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When people are not oppressed by the government they are free to express themselves. This means they might express something we don’t like—but freedom of expression is guaranteed in a Democracy! Democracy and freedom of expression protect each other!

Why do we put up with expressions we don’t like? BECAUSE we get the BEST of people too. They can express the “bad”, but they also can express the “good”. Beautiful songs, important criticisms of the government, criticisms of crime organizations, creative ideas, medical break-throughs, cutting edge art, and scientific advance are each expressions of some person, or a group of people. Without them society does not grow, does not breath, does not facilitate the essence of the human spirit.

In a society where each one is allowed to express, the best is allowed to emerge from each person. One can discover their talent and develop it. Society benefits when all it’s citizens are expressing their talents.

In the long run, what is best for the individual person turns out to be the best for society too.