Measured Business Plan Implementation

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In starting the business, the entrepreneur gets a reward at each sequential level when tasks/goals at a given level are successfully accomplished. This requires the tasks/goals at each level be stated/defined in a way that makes them easy to measure.

The business plan therefore should be written as a series of sequential and measurable steps to be taken that lead to ultimate desired profits.

The Entrepreneur takes our basic 6 week end training program, then writes a measurable steps business plan, and once approved, begins implementation of the plan. The first reward may be the getting of a business coach. Assigning or paring a business coach to a new entrepreneur is a big deal! It demonstrates that program administrators have a LOT of faith in the new entrepreneur—that he or she is worth assigning a valuable resource into—a business coach is a valuable resource not to be taken lightly! Then small money (for use in the business) can be given as sequential steps are accomplished.

NOTE: The training they received was designed as sequential levels, and now they establish their business in sequential levels, being rewarded as the steps are accomplished. The money/investment “rewards” are increasingly larger as one gets nearer functioning business.

We only give money as accomplishment happens.