Persuasive Public Speaking

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Speaking skills are much the same as writing: choose topic, funnel introduction, etc. Most of the writing skills to be mastered can be converted to speaking skills.

Here is an excellent video on How To Start A Speech:

It is in English, about 8 minutes, gives good sub-points--students can take notes, and then stand up and practice. Break the speech into parts. Perhaps like this:

  1. Introduction

  2. Body of speech, part A

  3. Body of speech, part B

  4. Conclusion

  5. Final sentence

Give students practice at standing up and delivering part of their speech. Not every student (in the early weekends) can give an entire 5 minute talk—but EVERY student can give 40 seconds of a selected portion of their speech. That way they get used to standing and facing others and speaking. Teacher could say? “Amanda, stand up and give us your Body of speech, part B”. Then, “Juan, stand up and give up your conclusion.” And so on.

Trainer should give quick praise, or instruction, and quickly move on to next student. Do this a lot. Students need to get used to doing this.