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How To Make Electricity Where There Is None

The Portable Temporary Power Device is an inexpensive way for 1 to 3 people to make electricity. They can go to a location where there is no electric power. Once there, they set up a power production device that will give them power so they can work using electric tools. They use only what they carried with them walking or riding a bicycle. They can work all day with the power (1KW to 3KW) they generate on the spot. They can store the device overnight and return the next day to work. Or they can take the device with them and go to another location the next day. There are many situations in which this device could be used:

1. Selling freezer and refrigerator space by operating a freezer chest and refrigerator that they leave onsite and locked for the night hours and return next day to replenish the freeze and refrigeration.

2. Or they could be charging various radios, lamps and *cell phones

3. Or they could be operating a mini clothes making factory by powering multiple sewing machines.

4. Or it could be construction tasks operating tools like saws and drills.

These are examples of ways to have a profitable microbusiness when you have power in an otherwise powerless area or an area in which power is unreliable, of low quality, or very expensive.