Sequential Steps in Teaching How To Solve Problems

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Step 1

Use two sheets of paper, one for FACTS and one for PROBLEMS” Later, are some of their listed problems symptoms and not causes?

Read it. Have some share.. Emphasize separating fact from problem. (Move back to whole class now)

Teach idea of “Criteria for Evaluating the Solution”. Ex. “I need a job …” Develop criteria as to time, money, no transportation, etc. All this before looking for job.

After idea is clear, have them vote on which problem to focus. Put students back into small groups again. Develop criteria for solution. Share/discuss.

Homework: write down the 7 steps in solving a problem.

Step 2

Review “fact” and “problem”. Review importance for criteria for evaluation solution. Quickly do another example of Criteria for Evaluation of Solution in class. Call on various students.

Go thru the entire 7 step process—create some discussion, spark some questions.

In small groups, do a “fast model” example. Use, “We have no chairs”. Group leader, make sure all participate. Refer to sheets. Get all the steps in. Scramble membership in the small groups. Get Leaders. Go thru another “fast model” example a few minutes. Make up your own this time. You are on the clock. You have 10 minutes for entire process.

IF HAVE TIME: Re-teach “brain storming”. Then, brain storm for what are your country’s most significant problems. Two people at board writing, very fast! NO criticism.

Homework: Write down at least 5 problems in 8 words for each problem you wrote.

Step 3

Review the 7 step process one more time.

Students share problems they came up with in homework. Have volunteer writers put on board the frequently mentioned probs.

Trainer to pick a problem not very important and lead whole class in working thru the 7 steps on it. (this is for re-enforcing the steps. You can tell them it is a “practice” run.

Homework: (start it in class if time) In small groups, quietly pick (don’t share with other groups) two problems, clearly state it, list symptom and cause, get at least 3 criteria for Evaluation of Solution for each of the two probs.

Step 4

Review homework with class. Discuss, ask questions. Scramble small groups members, have take various (I can assign) problems and start 7 step process. (if get done, take another)

It time, start fish bowl modeling: (put 1 small group in center of room and have other students watch them go through the 7 steps in solving a problem).

No homework

Step 5

Run “fish bowl” modeling groups (small group in front, all other students, quiet, making notes of feedback to group. Do at least two.

Step 6

Review the process. Then, discuss/share their personal experience during this class this weekend.

Discuss what to do about members of local community who do not know the process.

Do one or two problems using the process.