Social Enterprises for the Slum

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Jul 22nd 2013, 15:15 by JON MYER, ESADE

[Picture credit: Cesar del Valle]

Jon Myer, an MBA student at ESADE Business School, offers this concept of how mini stores in slums can ease food insecurity

It is said that 1 out of every 4 children in our world are hungry and malnutrition is likely involved in the deaths of millions more each year.

Mini stores serve urban slum dwellers the world over—they bring needed food and necessities to the hands of those who don’t travel and who can only afford small packages of items. All may need flour or sugar, but some can only afford 1/2 pound and not the more standard 5 pound packaging of these common staples. These mini stores could be more efficient if they had business policy updates and computerized inventory and sales records. Group buying power and re-imaging supply chain structure could make them more profitable and efficient.

*MBA diary: A social enterprise for the slums