BRIA 11 3

Bill of Right in Action
Spring 1995 (11:3)
Updated July 2000

Historical and Current Proposed Changes in the Way the Federal Government Operates

Bill of Rights in Action focuses on historical and current proposed changes in the way the federal government operates. The first article examines the federal deficit and debt and probes whether a balanced budget amendment is needed. The second article tells the story of the 16th Amendment, which permits an income tax, and explores how some would like to change the income tax today. The third article focuses on another current proposal for changing the federal government—congressional term limits.

U.S. Government: The Balanced Budget Amendment

U.S. History: The Income Tax Amendment

U.S. Government: Term-Limits Debate

Officers: Knox Cologne, President; Alan Friedman, Immediate Past President; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson; Paul Cane, Gerald Chaleff, Peggy Saferstein, Marvin Sears, Eugene Shutler, Lloyd M. Smith, Marjorie Steinberg, Lois Thompson, Susan Troy. Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Lisa Friedman, Associate Director of Program and Materials Development; Carlton Martz, Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Cristy Lytal, Web Editor; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Carlton Varner, CRF Board Reviewer.

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