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Teach Democracy (formerly Constitutional Rights Foundation) and the USC Rossier School of Education are excited to be recipients of a U.S. Department of Education American History and Civics Education—National Activities grant! The Democracy Project (TDP) aims to boost students’ civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions while empowering teachers to implement research-based civic learning practices. TDP promotes student-driven civic learning and targets students from Title I, alternative, and tribal schools in California and New Mexico. The key to this project is to ensure nonpartisan, balanced lessons and approaches aligned to proven practices in civic learning. 


The curriculum is designed to increase students’ historical and contextual knowledge about issues in our democracy that they care about. Teachers will choose from one of three pathways: U.S. Constitution, Issue-Based Discussions, or Media Literacy. The pathways culminate in the Civic Action Project, which allows students to apply their learning and impact a public issue that matters to them. This curriculum has also been crafted to meet key criteria of the California State Seal of Civic Engagement. Please login to view our instructional resources below:  

  • Media Literacy Pathway (available Fall 2024) 

Join our Leadership Cadre!  

We're currently recruiting educational leaders across California and New Mexico to participate in our Leadership Cadre. The Leadership Cadre members will help recruit and train classroom teachers in their region using The Democracy Project materials. For more information, contact Laura Wesley at 213-316-2128 or

Leadership Cadre Toolkit



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