BRIA 10 1

Bill of Rights in Action

Fall 1993 (10:1)
Updated July 2000

When Rights Conflict

In the United States our rights as citizens are outlined in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. But, what happens when rights conflict? In this issue we will explore three such conflicts—two drawn from the American experience, and one in a foreign land.

U.S. History: Free Press vs. Fair Trial: The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Case

World History: Singapore: Model Society or City of Fear?

U.S. Government: Religious Rights in Conflict

Officers: Alan Friedman, President; Harry Usher, Immediate Past President; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson; Peggy Saferstein, Marvin Sears, Eugene Shutler, Lloyd M. Smith, Marjorie Steinberg, Susan Troy, Daniel H Willick; Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Lisa Friedman, Associate Director of Program and Materials Development; Carlton Martz, Writer; Charles Degelman, Editor; Cristy Lytal, Web Editor; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Peggy Saferstein, CRF Board Reviewer.

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