BRIA 11 1

Bill of Right in Action

Winter 1994 (11:1)
Updated July 2000

The Right to an Impartial Jury Trial and a Free Press

Today many criminal cases receive extensive media coverage. The public and prospective jurors are often aware of the details of a crime even before a trial has begun. This has led many to question if the defendant in these cases can receive a fair trial.

In this issue, we present three articles on the mass media and its influence on criminal trials.

U.S. Government: Is a Fair Trial Possible in the Age of Mass Media?

World History: The Dreyfus Affair and the Press

U.S. History: Sex, Crime, and Jazz-Age Journalism

Officers: Knox Cologne, President; Alan Friedman, Immediate Past President; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson; Paul Cane, Gerald Chaleff, Peggy Saferstein, Marvin Sears, Eugene Shutler, Lloyd M. Smith, Marjorie Steinberg, Lois Thompson, Susan Troy, Daniel H Willick; Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Lisa Friedman, Associate Director of Program and Materials Development; Carlton Martz, Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Cristy Lytal, Web Editor; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Marvin Sears, CRF Board Reviewer.

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