BRIA 19 2

Bill of Rights in Action
Spring 2003 (19:2)


Ideas matter. They influence how people act and are important in human history. The expression of ideas can even be worth money as intellectual property. This issue of Bill of Rights in Action looks at some historically important ideas and some issues surrounding intellectual property. The first article examines the ideas of Karl Marx, the architect of the theories of communism. The second article explores the ideas of Social Darwinism espoused by Herbert Spencer, which had a significant impact on American thought in the 19th century. The last article looks at current issues of intellectual property, focusing especially on downloading music from the Internet.

World History: Karl Marx: A Failed Vision of History

U.S. History: Social Darwinism and American Laissez-faire Capitalism

Current Issues: Copying Music and Movies from the Internet: "Digital Piracy" and "Fair Use"

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