BRIA 25 1 Environmental Issues

Bill of Rights in Action
SUMMER 2009 (Volume 25, No. 1)

Environmental Issues

This edition of Bill of Rights in Action looks at issues related to the environment. The first article examines whether we are in the midst of massive extinction of species. The second article explores the Columbian Exchange, the interchange of New and Old World plants and animals that began in 1492. The last article looks at the reasons for the collapse of Egypt’s Old Kingdom, the society that built the pyramids. 

Current Issue: Are We Headed for a “Sixth Mass Extinction”?

U.S. History: The Columbian Exchange

World History: What Caused Egypt’s Old Kingdom to Collapse?

This edition of Bill of Rights in Action was made possible by a generous grant from the Environmental Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

(c) 2009 Constitutional Rights Foundation

Officers: Joseph A. Calabrese, Chair; Publications Committee: Rachel Helyar, Marshall P. Horowitz, Louis E. Kempinsky, Walter R. Lancaster, Peter I. Ostroff, Lisa M. Rockwell, Patrick G. Rogan, Peggy Saferstein, K. Eugene Shutler, Russell C. Swartz, Douglas A. Thompson, Lois D. Thompson, Gail Migdal Title. Staff: Jonathan Estrin, President; Marshall Croddy, Vice President; Carlton Martz , Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Andrew Costly, Senior Publications Manager; Walter R. Lancaster, CRF Board Reviewer; William Schopf, Professor of Paleobiology,UCLA, Academic Reviewer for the extinction article.



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