BRIA 7 4

Bill of Rights in Action

Spring 1991 (7:4)

The 14th Amendment

This Bill of Rights in Action looks at issues related to the 14th Amendment, particularly its "due process" and "equal protection" clauses. The first article is from world history and examines a gross violation of due process: the Stalin show trials of the 1930s. The second article looks at how the 14th Amendment's due process clause has been interpreted to make most of the Bill of Rights apply to the states. The last article examines a case about whether the equal protection clause prevents states from denying public education to undocumented immigrant children.

World History: The Stalin Purges and "Show Trials"

U.S. History: The 14th Amendment and the "Second Bill of Rights"

U.S. Government: Education and the 14th Amendment

Officers: Harry Usher, President; Alan Friedman, President-Elect; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson, Bayard F. Berman, Justice Ronald M. George, Marvin Sears, Lloyd M. Smith, Daniel H. Willick, Marjorie Steinberg; Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director, Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Programs and Material Development, Carlton Martz, Writer, Bill Hayes, Editor, Tina M. Esposito, Senior Associate Publications Manager; Lanning Gold, Publications Artist, Rita Nelson, Program Assistant, Carolyn Pereira, Director; National/Chicago Project. Reviewed by Lloyd M. Smith. Cristy Lytal and Bill Hayes, web editors.

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