BRIA 8 4

Bill of Right in Action

Fall 1992 (8:4)

The Electoral Process and Political Leadership

This Bill of Rights in Action examines issues related to elections and political leadership. The first article looks at the election of 1824, which had no winner in the electoral college and had to be decided in the House of Representatives. The second article explores how the Roman Republic set up dictators from time to time to solve political problems. The third article examines why so many people don't vote in the United States.

U.S. History: The Election of 1824-25: When the House Chose the President

World History: Democracy and Dictatorship in Ancient Rome

U.S. Government: Why Don't People Vote?

Officers: Alan Friedman, President; Harry Usher, Immediate Past President; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson; Peggy Saferstein, Marvin Sears, Eugene Shutler, Lloyd M. Smith, Marjorie Steinberg, Susan Troy, Daniel H Willick; Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Lisa Friedman, Program Manager; Carlton Martz, Writer; John Shannon, Editor; Bill Hayes, Cristy Lytal, Web Editors; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Jerome C. Byrne, CRF Board Reviewer.

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