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Grades 9–12

cityworks.jpgCityWorks is a standards-based, local government curriculum designed to fit into any civics or government class. An independent, multi-year, research-based study released in 2002 concluded that classes using CityWorks improved student knowledge of both regular and local government and helped prepare students for effective citizenship by increasing student civic competencies as compared to students in traditional government courses.CityWorks provides interactive lessons in which students become citizens of the fictional city of Central Heights to learn about issues of state and local government and practice critical-thinking skills. Along the way they take on the role of local political leaders and active citizens to address political and social issues facing the community.The curriculum has two elements:
  • Six interactive lesson modules centering on specific local government content, such as the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of local government and on realistic public policy issues, such as the economy and crime and safety.
  • CityWorks Project activities follow each lesson. These activities and assignments help students explore problems, institutions, and public policy issues in their own community. Students are guided through a civics-based service-learning project that addresses a local community problem they have studied.
CityWorks curriculum materials consist of three components:
  • The CityWorks Teacher's Guide includes everything you need--instructions for lessons, reproducible masters for all lesson handouts (including the Bugle), instructions for the CityWorks project activities, and reproducible masters of the Student Handbook.
  • The Central Heights Bugle, six issues of a simulated newspaper in class sets of 35. Each edition is linked to one of the lessons in the teacher's guide and provides students with readings and information for the lesson.
  • A Student Handbook containing detailed instructions for completing the CityWorks Project activities and serving as a portfolio for students to record much of their work.
CityWorks Teacher's Guide
Price: $39.95
CityWorks Student Handbooks (Set of 35)
Price: $115.95
CityWorks Central Heights Bugle Class Set (6 Issues, 35 ea.)
Price: $64.95
CityWorks Class Set (1 Teacher's Guide, 35 Students Handbooks, and 1 Class Set of Central Heights Guble
Price: $199.95


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