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CityYouth: U.S. History

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cyhist.jpgThis four-unit version of CityYouth is designed to support a U.S. history course of study. Each of the four units contains lessons set in a historical era that introduce a theme students will explore and analyze. Multidisciplinary lessons provide depth and contemporization of the theme and guide students toward applying what they learn through service-learning projects.

Unit 1: Leadership—American Revolution
Unit 2: Crime & Safety—Old West/Reconstruction
Unit 3: Youth & Education—Turn of the 20th Century
Unit 4: Media—Contemporary

Teacher's Guide: Contains step-by-step lesson plans, repro-ready masters of all student handouts, strategies for making school-community connections, and tools, methods, and rubrics for program evaluation and student assessment.

CityYouth: U.S. History, Teacher's Guide, 294 pp., Price: $39.95

Set of Student Handout Masters: The complete, copy-ready set of student handouts, including cooperative-learning checkpoints, unbound for easy repro.

CityYouth: U.S. History, Handout Masters, 132 pp., Price: $16.95
CityYouth: U.S. History Class Set (1 Teacher's Guide, 1 Set Handout Masters, 40 Workbooks), Price: $114.95

Teacher staff development for CityYouth is now available!  CityYouth, our multidisciplinary citizenship and service-learning program for middle schools, is sweeping the country. Now you too can receive intensive CityYouth training. Two-day trainings are conducted on a regional basis and prepare administrators and teachers in all CityYouth fundamentals: Curriculum, project development, and implementation. Materials are provided. To find out more about this exciting opportunity, contact us at (800) 488-4CRF.

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