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Youth and Police

youth_policeGrades 6-9

Youth and Police
is the perfect way to educate about the law, improve police-community relations, and involve middle-school youth in service-learning activities to improve public safety-all in one comprehensive package. This multi-dimensional curriculum contains five core and five extension interactive lessons and comes with reproducible handout masters. The core sequence features a two-day lesson sequence on the development of the modern police force, a two-day simulation on issues of school safety, and an adaptation of CRF's renowned Police Patrol simulation. Then, working together with community police or school officers, students create and conduct their own service-learning project to improve community-police relations and neighborhood safety. The extension lessons promote critical-thinking skill development by involving students in examining laws and policies that affect law enforcement. Topics covered include the use of force, the laws of arrest and search, the Miranda rule, and police governance and discipline.

• Promotes positive police- community relations

• Helps students think critically about controversial issues

• Blends law-related and service-learning strategies in one comprehensive package

Youth and Police, 88pp., Price: $16.95

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