Lessons on the Historic Election of Barack Obama

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obamalessonbannerIn 2008, the United States of America elected its first African American president. In 2014, the California legislature passed AB 1912, which called for teaching about President Obama’s historic election and its significance for California’s students.

In collaboration with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, CRF has developed three lessons to help teachers teach about the significance of the election of Barack Obama in all grade spans: primary grades (K-2), upper elementary grades (3-5), and secondary grades (6-12).

The lessons and handouts are downloadable below.

Grades K-2

Barack Obama: The United States of America’s First Black President
In this lesson, students learn about President Obama’s life, family, and political career as they interact with a slide presentation. 

Grades 3-5

Stepping Stones to the White House: Visual Artifacts from the Life and Presidency of Barack Obama
In this lesson, students use an interactive timeline to put major events in the life and presidency of President Obama in order. 

Grades 6-12

A Long Road to Historic Beginnings: Barack Obama as the Nation’s First Black President
In this lesson, students read about the history of African American political campaigns in the United States and hold interactive discussions on important figures in that history as the context for the significance of Barack Obama’s election using primary sources.

CRF Staff Writers: Keri Doggett, Damon Huss, and Sarah Badawi
CRF Board Reviewers: Emil Petrossian, Peggy Saferstein, and Hon. Marjorie Steinberg (Ret.)

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