People v Meadows

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People v. Meadows

A Mock Trial Designed for the Classroom

Grades 6–12

This specially designed mock trial is perfect for engaging students in the classroom. The high-interest case involves a high school basketball game that got out of hand. A coach is arrested for aggravated assault against a referee. The two had a history of antagonizing one another with texting and posting pictures on the Internet.

The case of People v. Meadows is both an exciting mock trial and an informative lesson on the important right to privacy, perhaps one of the most debated rights in American society. Students engage in a criminal trial simulation and learn the fundamentals of due process, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury system.

The entire People v. Meadows package includes:

  • A student handbook with instructions for jury selection, opening and closing arguments, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and jury deliberation.
  • Role descriptions for prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, witnesses, and jurors.
  • A complete mock trial with case facts, witness statements, and detailed teacher instructions for conducting the trial in almost any size classroom.
  • “To Be Let Alone: Our Right to Privacy” : A complete lesson plan with a reading and interactive discussion activity about what is and is not private on the Internet.

People v. Meadows, Student Handbook, 48 pp. Price: $5.95
People v. Meadows, Teacher's Guide, 62 pp. Price: $19.95
People v. Meadows, Student Handbook (Set of 10) Price: $29.95

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