The Debate Over Gun Laws in the United States – An Introduction pdf_document
In this lesson, students read a short text that provides statistical background on gun ownership, gun violence, and public opinion on gun control laws in the United States; then they evaluate frequently-cited arguments on the issue of gun control policy. Next, they participate in a Civil Conversation based on the reading.

Examining the Constitutional Issues of Chicago’s Gang Congregation Ordinance pdf_document
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After a brief introductory discussion about possible community responses to gang-related violence, students read about how the Chicago City Council passed a controversial ordinance to suppress gang activity and how each branch of government was involved in shaping that policy. Next, they participate in a Civil Conversation on the reading. In this structured discussion method, under the guidance of a facilitator (the teacher), participants are encouraged to engage intellectually with challenging materials, gain insight about their own point of view, and strive for a shared understanding of issues. Finally, students debrief the Civil Conversation process, as well as the policy issues raised by the case of City of Chicago v. Morales.

America's Violent Past  pdf_document  

In this lesson students will complete an introductory reading about violence in American history, then each student will read about a specific era of American history and violence in that era. Next, students will join a group with peers who learned about different eras to create a timeline detailing nine eras, major events, and causes of violent activity.

Guns and School Safety: What Is the Best Way Forward?pdf_document  (Updating - Please check back soon.)
In this lesson, students read an article on the background to the current crisis posed by mass shootings at schools, as well as proposed solutions from across the political spectrum. Next, students participate in a simulation activity in which they act as state legislators trying to design the most effective policy for reduction of gun-violence in their state. 

Guns and School Safety: What Is the Best Way Forward? pdf_document  (Updating - Please check back soon.)
This version was abridged and adapted by Aniela Lopez, Middle School ELA Teacher at Elizabeth Learning Center in Cudahy, CA.

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