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BRIA, Vol. 1:3, 2024 Login to Download PDF   

  • The Spanish Civil War: Prelude to World War
  • The BRICS and the 21st Century World Economy
  • The Church Committee and the Crisis of Public Distrust

BRIA, Vol. 1:2, 2024 Login to Download PDF   

  • Does the Constitution Establish a Republic or a Democracy? A Supreme Court History
  • Jeanette Rankin: A Pioneer for Peace
  • AI and the Future of the World

BRIA, Vol. 1:1, 2023 Login to Download PDF   

  • Emancipation Day: Past and Present
  • Endangered Species Act at 50 Years
  • The Constitution, Reconstruction, and Race-Conscious Admissions
  • BRIA’s Longtime Writer Carlton Martz

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Bill of Rights in Action, Vol. 38:3/4, 2023 Login to Download PDF   

  • The ‘Business Plot’ to Overthrow FDR
  • The Struggle for the Rights of Disabled Persons
  • Supreme Court Highlights

Bill of Rights in Action, Vol. 38: 2, 2023 Login to Download PDF   

  • The United States, China, and Taiwan
  • The Haymarket Affair
  • Ranked-Choice Voting: Choosing One Candidate or Many?

Bill of Rights in Action, Fall 2022 (38:1) Login to Download PDF   

  • The Bill of (Twelve) Rights: Contingency and the Constitution
  • Tlaxcalan: The Indigenous Democracy of Mexico

Bill of Rights in Action, Spring/Summer 2022 (37:3) Login to Download PDF 

  • The Global Refugee Crisis
  • Supreme Court Highlights
  • Federal Agencies and Public Policy
  • Indonesia's Struggle for Democracy

Bill of Rights in Action, Winter 2022 (37:2) Login to Download PDF 

  • Yugoslavia: A Divided Land
  • Mother Jones: ‘The Most Dangerous Woman in America’
  • What Is Seditious Conspiracy?

Bill of Rights in Action, Fall 2021 (37:1) Login to Download PDF 

  • The Senate Filibuster: Abolish, Keep, or Reform?
  • The Life and Poetry of Phillis Wheatley
  • Buddhism in China

Bill of Rights in Action, Summer 2021 (36:4) Login to Download PDF 

  • Jury of Your Peers
  • Pride Pioneer: Frank Kameny and the Early Gay Rights Movement
  • Brazil and the Future of the Amazon

Bill of Rights in Action, Spring 2021 (36:3) Login to Download PDF 

  • Hannah Arendt and the ‘Banality of Evil'
  • Unequal Treatment? The Constitution and Religious School Funding
  • Should the Federal Government Guarantee a Basic Income for All?

Bill of Rights in Action, Winter 2021 (36:2) Login to Download PDF 

  • American Indian Sovereignty
  • Police Reform After the Death of George Floyd
  • The Last Nuclear Treaty

Bill of Rights in Action, Fall 2020 (36:1) Login to Download PDF 

  • Turning Points in Presidential Campaign Advertising
  • Workplace Equality for LGBT People: Bostock v. Clayton County
  • Heian Japan and The Tale of Genji

Bill of Rights in Action, Summer, 2020 (35:4) Login to Download PDF 

  • The Election 1980
  • South Africa: Confronting the Country's Apartheid Past
  • Leave or Remain: Brexit in the UK

Bill of Rights in Action, Spring, 2020 , (35:3) Download PDF

  • Impeachment and the Case of Andrew Johnson
  • The Kurds: Straddling the Map of the Middle East
  • 'Every Man a King': Huey Long's Troubled Populism
Bill of Rights in Action, Winter, 2020 (35:2) Login to Download PDF 
  • Haiti’s Slave Revolt and War for Independence
  • Remembering John Brown
  • What is Treason? The Aaron Burr Case

Bill of Rights in Action, Fall, 2019 (35:1) Login to Download PDF 

Democratic Struggles, Summer, 2019 (34:4)  Login to Download PDF 

  • The Arab Spring and the Challenge of Nation-Building
  • Purged From the Voter Rolls: Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute
  • Suppressing the Vote

Beneath the Surface, Spring 2019 (34:3) Login to Download PDF 

  • Ida Tarbell and the Muckrakers
  • The Anglo-Zulu War and British Imperialism
  • Will the Mueller Probe End With a Constitutional Crisis?

Law and Protection, Winter 2019 (34:2) Login to Download PDF 

  • Journalism Under Siege
  • The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
  • Islamic Science in the Middle Ages

Science Matters, Fall 2018 (34:1) Login to Download PDF 

  • Who Was Hypatia of Alexandria?
  • Cotton Mather and Boston’s Smallpox Inoculation Fight
  • Global Warming and the Paris Agreement

Uncertain Times, Summer 2018 (33:4) Login to Download PDF 

  • Guns and School Safety: What Is the Best Way Forward?
  • Automation and the American Worker
  • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Facing Challenges, Spring 2018 (33:3) Login to Download PDF 

  • Ida B. Wells and Her Crusade for Racial Justice
  • The Revolutions of 1848
  • The Iran Nuclear Deal and Its Critics

Flashpoints, Winter 2018 (33:2) Download PDF

  • What Should the U.S. Do About North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons?
  • The Great Sioux War: Land, Gold, and a Broken Treaty
  • The Dispute Over the South China Sea

 Democracy in the Balance, Fall2017 (33:1) Login to Download PDF

  • How Democratic Was Athens?
  • The Northwest Ordinance and Westward Expansion
  • Is Democracy in Trouble?

Challenging Ideas, Summer 2017 (32:4) Login to Download PDF

  • Martin Luther King and the Philosophy of Nonviolence
  • Vietnam Today
  • Free Speech on Campus: Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Controversial Speech at U.S. Colleges

Economic Crisis, Spring 2017 (32:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The Great Recession: What Were the Causes?
  • The Marquis de Lafayette: A Noble Revolutionary
  • What Caused the Great Depression and Why Did Recovery Take So Long?

Religion and Society, Winter 2017 (32:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Religion, Political Power, and the Thirty Years’ War
  • The Second Great Awakening and Reform in the 19th Century
  • Prayer at Government Meetings and the First Amendment
Political Strategies, Fall 2016 (32:1) Login to Download PDF
  • The Troubled Elections of 1796 and 1800.
  • Cyrus the Great and the Creation of the Persian Empire
  • Free Trade, Globalization, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Democracy and Elections, Summer 2016 (31:4) Login to Download PDF
  • Putin’s Illiberal Democracy
  • Harry Truman and the Election of 1948
  • Elections, Money, and the First Amendment
Political Conflict, Spring 2016 (31:3) Login to Download PDF
  • The Election of 1912
  • The Great Rivalry: Disraeli vs. Gladstone
  • Edward Snowden, the NSA, and Mass Surveillance

Critical Concerns, Winter 2016 (31:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Police Body Cameras and the Use of Force
  • Abolitionists and the Constitution
  • Tolerance: Voltaire and the Spirit of the Enlightenment

Breaking New Grounds, Fall 2015 (31:1) Login to Download PDF

  • James Madison and the Bill of Rights
  • Hatshepsut: How a Woman Took the Throne

The 1960s, Summer 2015 (30:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Cuba at the Crossroads
  • Mao Zedong and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

The Law, Spring 2015 (30:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Saved From the Gallows — The Trial of Leopold and Loeb
  • The Great Qing Code: Law and Order During China’s Last Dynasty
  • The Free Exercise of Religion in America

Leadership, Winter 2014 (30:2) Login to Download PDF

  • 'Go Boldly!': Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War
  • Sam Houston: A Study in Leadership
  • Margaret Thatcher and Conservative Politics in England

War & Policy, Fall 2014 (30:1) Login to Download PDF

War and the Military, Summer 2014 (29:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Chinese Civil War: Why Did the Communists Win?
  • The Cold War: How Did It Start? How Did It End?
  • Women in the Military

Conflicts, Spring 2014 (29:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
  • Sudan, Imperialism, and the Mahdi’s Holy War
  • Are Bible Readings Ever Allowed in Public Schools?

Making a Difference, Winter 2014 (29:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Queen Elizabeth I: Religion and the State
  • Harriet Tubman and the End of Slavery
  • Affirmative Action in American Colleges After Fisher v. Texas

The Governance, Fall 2013 (29:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Puritan Massachusetts: Theocracy or Democracy?
  • Who Was the Real Cleopatra?
  • How the First State Constitutions Helped Build the U.S. Constitution

The Environment, Summer 2013 (28:4) Login to Download PDF

  • Conservation, Preservation, and the National Parks
  • Rachel Carson and the Modern Environmental Movement

Industrialization and Labor, Spring 2013 (28:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Pullman Strike and Boycott
  • American Labor Unions: Yesterday and Today

Origins, Winter 2012 (28:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Hamilton, Jefferson, and Their Fight for the Future of America
  • Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  • The Electoral College

Health-Care Reform, Fall 2012 (28:1) Login to Download PDF

  • The Continuing Struggle for U.S. Health-Care Reform
  • The U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act
  • Health Care: What Do Other Countries Do?

Facing Crisis, Summer 2012 (27:4) Login to Download PDF

  • FDR and the Banks
  • Munich and “Appeasement”
  • Unemployment and the Future of Jobs in America

A New Order, Spring 2012 (27:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Simon Bolivar: Thinker, Liberator, Reformer
  • J.P. Morgan, the Panic of 1907, and the Federal Reserve Act
  • Juan Peron: Dictator or Champion of Social Justice?

Law, Winter 2011 (27:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Canon Law: Medieval Europe’s Legal System
  • Oliver Cromwell: The Lord Protector
  • Calhoun and Webster: Two Visions of the Federal Union

Revolutionary Thinkers, Fall 2011 (27:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Thomas Paine: America’s Most Radical Revolutionary
  • Sir William Blackstone and the Common Law
  • St. Augustine and the Role of Religion in the State

Communism, Summer 2011 (26:4) Login to Download PDF

  • Lenin and the Russian Revolution
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • North Korea: The Rogue Nation

Economic Crises, Spring 2011 (26:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The WPA: Putting the Nation to Work in the Great Depression
  • A Guide to the Federal Budget Deficit and National Debt
  • Tulipmania and Economic Bubbles

Population Perils Winter 2010 (26:2) Login to Download PDF

  • The "Black Death": A Catastrophe in Medieval Europe
  • The Potato Famine and Irish Immigration to America
  • The Debate OverWorld Population: Was Malthus Right?

Tyranny Fall 2010 (26:1) Login to Download PDF

  • The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
  • Plato and Aristotle on Tyranny
  • Nigeria: After 50 Years, Still Struggling to Be a Democracy

Reaction and Reform Summer 2010 (25:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Watergate Scandal
  • Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism
  • Land, Liberty, and the Mexican Revolution

Revolution and Change Spring 2010 (25:3) Login to Download PDF

  • England's Glorious Revolution
  • John Maynard Keynes and the Revolution in Economic Thought
  • William Jennings Bryan, the "Great Commoner"

Building Democracy Fall 2009 (25:2) Login to Download PDF

  • The Major Debates at the Constitutional Convention
  • King and Parliament in Medieval England
  • Every New Generation

Environmental Issues Summer 2009 (25:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Are We Headed for a "Sixth Mass Extinction"?
  • The Columbian Exchange
  • What Caused Egypt's Old Kingdom to Collapse?

Reform and Change Spring 2009 (24:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Teapot Dome Scandal
  • Woodrow Wilson's Quest to Change the World
  • John Stuart Mill and Individual Liberty

Communication of Ideas Winter 2009 (24:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Herodotus and Thucydides: Inventing History
  • Gutenberg and the Printing Revolution in Europe
  • Henry Clay: Compromise and Union

Politics Fall 2008 (24:2) Login to Download PDF

  • How Political Parties Began
  • Making It Easier to Vote vs. Guarding Against Election Fraud
  • The Development of Confucianism in Ancient China

Reform Spring 2008 (24:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Communism, Capitalism, and Democracy in China
  • Upton Sinclair's The Jungle
  • John Dewey and the Reconstruction of American Democracy

Intellectual Property Winter 2008 (23:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Origins of Patent and Copyrights Law
  • Digital Piracy
  • Patenting Life
  • The Cheating Problem

Justice Fall 2007 (23:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The Whiskey Rebellion and the New American Republic
  • Cicero: Defender of the Roman Republic
  • "Justice and Fairness": John Rawls and His Theory of Justice

Rights Reconsidered Summer 2007 (23:2) Login to Download PDF

Free Markets and Antitrust Law Spring 2007 (23:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations
  • Progressives and the Era of Trustbusting
  • Media Mergers and the Public Interest

Making a Just Society Winter 2006 (22:4) Login to Download PDF

  • Stem-Cell Research: The Promise and the Pitfalls
  • Slavery, Civil War, and Democracy: What Did Lincoln Believe?
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Natural Law, and the Common Good.

The Rule of Law in Dangerous Times Fall 2006 (22:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Solon Put Athens on the Road to Democracy
  • John Peter Zenger and the Freedom of the Press
  • The National Security Agency's Warrantless Wiretaps.

The Establishment of Religion Spring 2006 (22:2) Login to Download PDF

  • The Scopes Trial
  • More Monkey Trials
  • Turkey: An Evolving Democracy in the Middle East

Standards for the Time Winter 2005 (22:1) Login to Download PDF

  • The Transcendentalists in Action
  • Petrarch, the Father of Humanism
  • Is Torture Ever Justified?

Centralized vs. Decentralized Rule Fall 2005 (21:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Legacy of Alexander the Great
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • The European Union: Toward a "United States of Europe"?

Economics and Democracy Summer 2005 (21:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Dust Bowl Exodus
  • The German Weimar Republic
  • Outsourcing Jobs to Other Countries

American Interventions Spring 2005 (21:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Is Iraq on the Way to Democracy?
  • Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal
  • The Boxer Rebellion in China

Executive Power Winter 2004 (21:1) Login to Download PDF

  • Machiavelli and The Prince
  • Detaining U.S. Citizens as Enemy Combatants
  • Jackson and Indian Removal

Religion and Society Fall 2004 (20:4) Login to Download PDF

  • Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening in Colonial America
  • Islam Divided: The Shiites and Sunnis
  • Should We Take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?

Nation-Building Summer 2004 (20:3) Login to Download PDF

  • The Marshall Plan for Rebuilding Europe
  • Different Visions for Vietnam
  • U.S. Involvement in Nation-Building Before Iraq

Developments in Democracy Spring 2004 (20:2) Login to Download PDF

  • How Women Won the Right to Vote
  • Have Women Achieved Equality?
  • Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau on Government

Culture in Conflict Winter 2004 (20:1) Login to Download PDF

  • President Polk and the Taking of the West
  • Muslim Conquests in Europe
  • The Rise of Islamist Terrorist Groups

National Security and Freedom Fall 2003 (19:4) Login to Download PDF

  • The Patriot Act: What is the Proper Balance Between National Security and Individual Rights?
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts: Defining American Freedom
  • Plato and The Republic

Controversies Summer 2003 (19:3) Login to Download PDF

  • Three Visions for African Americans
  • "Forgotten Genocide": The Destruction of the Armenians During World War I
  • The Bush Doctrine

Ideas Spring 2003 (19:2) Login to Download PDF

  • Karl Marx: A Failed Vision of History
  • Social Darwinism and American Laissez-faire Capitalism
  • Copying Music and Movies from the Internet: "Digital Piracy" and "Fair Use"

Eastern Europe Winter 2002 (19:1)

  • Life Under Communism in Eastern Europe
  • Emerging Democracies in Eastern Europe and Russia: How Are They Doing?
  • Ethnic Minorities in Eastern Europe

The Environment Fall 2002 (18:4)

  • Environmental Disasters in the Cradles of Civilization
  • Global Warming: What Should We Do About It?
  • Climate Change and Violence in the Ancient American Southwest

Victims of War Summer 2002 (18:3)

  • Wartime and the Bill of Rights: The Korematsu Case
  • The "Rape of Nanking"
  • Compensating the Victims of War

Imperialism Spring 2002 (18:2)

  • The Great Rebellion of 1857 in India
  • Oil and National Security
  • The Debate Over Hawaii and an American Overseas Empire

Africa Winter 2001 (18:1)

  • The United States and the Barbary Pirates
  • AIDS in Africa
  • Ibn Battuta: The Greatest Traveler in the Middle Ages

Law of Empires Fall 2001 (17:4)

  • Clash of Empires: The Fight for North America
  • When Roman Law Ruled the Western World
  • Puerto Rico: Commonwealth, Statehood, or Independence?

Military Authority Summer 2001 (17:3)

  • The French Army Mutinies of World War I
  • Truman, MacArthur, and the Korean War
  • The Military Confronts the Harassment of Women and Gays

Labor Spring 2001 (17:2)

  • One Big Union--One Big Strike: The Story of the Wobblies
  • Marching with "General Ludd": Machine Breaking in the Industrial Revolution
  • Globalization and Worker Rights

Religious Tolerance Winter 2000 (17:1)

  • Should Students Have The Right to Lead Prayers at Pubic School Events?
  • The Persecution of the Mormons
  • Luther Sparks the Protestant Reformation

Innovations in Law Fall 2000 (16:4)

  • The Hebrews and the Foundations of Western Law
  • The Declaration of Independence and Natural Rights
  • Animal Rights

Civil Disobedience Summer 2000 (16:3)

  • The Berkeley Free Speech Movement: Civil Disobedience on Campus
  • Bringing Down an Empire: Ghandi and Civil Disobedience
  • The Rescue Movement: Pushing the Limits of Free Speech

Wealth and Power Spring 2000 (16:2)

  • King Leopold's "Heart of Darkness"
  • Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Monopoly
  • United States v. Microsoft

Matters of Principle Winter 1999 (16:1)

  • John Adams and the Boston Massacre
  • The Murder of an Archbishop
  • Should We Have the Right to Die?

Clash of Cultures and Law Fall 1999 (15:4)

  • Young People and the Internet: Issues of Censorship and Free Expression
  • The Law of Shi Huangdi, First Emperor of China
  • Laws of the Indies: Spain and the Native Peoples of the New World

Rules of War Summer 1999 (15:3)

  • Firestorms: The Bombing of Civilians in World War II
  • Choices: Truman, Hirohito, and the Atomic Bomb
  • New Threat to Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Codes Spring 1999 (15:2)

  • The Code Napoleon
  • The Death Penalty and Human Rights: Is the U.S. Out of Step?
  • The Southern "Black Codes" of 1865-66

Islamic Issues Winter 1998 (15:1)

  • The Origins of Islamic Law
  • The U.S. and Iran: Time for a New Beginning?
  • Blasphemy! Salman Rushdie and Freedom of Expression
Rules, Policy, and Empire Fall 1998 (14:4)
  • Blood and Tribute: The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Empire
  • The Edicts of Asoka
  • Africa's "Second Independence" and U.S. Policy
Welfare Summer 1998 (14:3)
  • How Welfare Began in the United States
  • Welfare to Work: The States Take Charge
  • "The Swedish Model": Welfare for Everyone
Independence of the Judiciary Spring 1998 (14:2)
  • An Issue of Consent
  • Voters and Judges
  • An Independent Judiciary
Culture Clash Fall 1998 (14:1)
  • The Kennewick Controversies
  • Witch Hunt
  • The Battle Over Proposition 187
Separating Church and State Fall 1997 (13:4)
  • Separating Church and State
  • Religious Tolerance and Persecution in the Roman Empire
  • Should Government Aid Students Attending Parochial Schools?
Forensic Evidence Summer 1997 (13:3)
  • The Riddle of the Romanovs
  • DNA, Lie Detector, and Voiceprint Evidence: Does It Belong in the Courtroom?
  • How Reliable Are Eyewitnesses?
Controversies in the Arts Spring 1997 (13:2)
  • The Battle over the National Endowment of the Arts
  • The Suppression of Art in Nazi Germany
  • Music on Trial: Rock, Rap, and Responsibility
Election Issues Winter 1996 (13:1)
  • Political Scandals, Scoundrels, and Schemer: Are the Media Focusing on the Wrong Things?
  • Issues in Campaign '96
  • TV Attack Ads and the Voter
New Claims to Equal Protection Fall 1996 (12:4)
  • Equal Opportunity in the Military
  • Including the Disabled Student
  • Helen Keller
  • Gay Rights and the Constitution
Keeping the Peace After the Cold War Summer 1996 (12:3)
  • The United Nations: Fifty Years of Keeping the Peace
  • The Future of NATO
  • Do We Need a Permanent International Criminal Court?
Voting and Discrimination Spring 1996 (12:2)
  • South Africa: Revolution at the Ballot Box
  • Race and Voting in the Segregated South
  • Race and Representation
Journey to Equality Winter 1996 (12:1)
  • Black Troops in Union Blue
  • The Adarand Case: Affirmative Action and Equal Protection
  • The Mandinko of the Gambia
Issues of Terrorism Fall 1995 (11:4)
  • The Aftermath of Terror (Oklahoma City Bombing)
  • Terrorism: How Have Other Countries Handled It? How Should We?
  • Conspiracy Theories: Attacks on Jefferson Set the Pattern
  • Talk Radio: Playground for Free Speech or a Forum for Hate?
Examining the Federal Government Spring 1995 (11:3)
  • The Balanced Budget Amendment
  • The Income Tax Amendment: Most Thought It Was A Great Idea in 1913
  • Term-Limits Debate: Professional Politician or Citizen Legislator?
What Should We do About Crime? Spring 1995 (11:2)
  • "Beyond the Seas": The Transportation of Criminals to Australia
  • What Should We Do About Crime?
  • Juvenile Justice: What Should We Do With Children Who Break the Law?
The Right to an Impartial Jury and a Free Press Winter 1994 (11:1)
  • Is a Fair Trial Possible in the Age of Mass Media?
  • The Dreyfus Affair and the Press
  • Sex, Crime, and Jazz-Age Journalism
The U.S. Supreme Court Fall 1994 (10:4)
  • FDR Tries to "Pack" the Supreme Court
  • Should Nations Have the Right to Kidnap Criminal Suspects?
  • Update on the Supreme Court (Abortion Protester's, Religious Schools, and Jury Selection)
Hate Crimes Summer 1994 (10:3)
  • Should Hate be Outlawed?
  • "At the Hands of Persons Unknown": Lynching in America
  • German Skinheads: Are the Nazis Making a Comeback?
United States Asylum Policy Spring 1994 (10:2)
  • U.S. Immigration Policy and Hitler's Holocaust
  • Haiti and the Boat People
  • Seeking Asylum in the United States
When Rights Conflict Fall 1993 (10:1)
  • Free Press vs. Fair Trial: The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Case
  • Singapore: Model Society or City of Fear?
  • Religious Rights in Conflict
The Legislative Branch Summer 1993 (9:3 & 4)
  • "Let us Reason Together"--Lyndon Johnson, Master Legislator
  • The European Community: Cooperating Nations or Unified Superstate?
  • A Different Voice: Women in the Congress
The Executive Branch Spring 1993 (9:2)
  • Policing the Police
  • Ruling in the Name of the Emperor: How Japan Became a World Power
  • A Hero Betrayed: The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.
The Judicial System Winter 1992 (9:1)
  • The Inquisition: Looking Into the Human Soul
  • "We Came to Free the Slaves": John Brown on Trial
  • Does the Criminal Justice System Discriminate Against African-Americans?
  • The Election of 1824-25: When the House Chose the President
  • Democracy and Dictatorship in Ancient Rome
  • Why Don't People Vote?
Issues in Education Winter 1992 (8:2)
  • Educating European Immigrant Children Before World War I
  • The Debate Over School Choice
  • Teaching to the Test in Japan

Trends and Issues of the Bill of Rights Fall/Winter 1991 (8:1)

  • The New Supreme Court: Decisions to Come
  • Who Voted in Early America
  • On The Road to Revolution with Boris Yeltsin
  • The Tax Farmer of Mari

The 14th Amendment Spring 1991 (7:4)

  • The Stalin Purges and "Show Trials"
  • The 14th Amendment and the "Second Bill of Rights"
  • Education and the 14th Amendment






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