Mock Trial State Finals Requirements

 2024 State Finals Requirements

To participate in the 2024 California Mock Trial Finals, participants must complete the following. If you have any questions contact Daisy Alonso at or Lourdes Morales at

Step One - School Registration 

All schools in California participating in any 2023-2024 Mock Trial County Competition must register with Teach Democracy to participate in their county competition. The county coordinator then notifies Teach Democracy of your team’s eligibility to state, and your team’s registration information will automatically be used for the state finals.

Step Two - Student Registration - Deadline is March 6th.

Limitations on Spectators: The court is providing the courtrooms for use during the competition. Each courtroom is unique, with some allowing for larger spectator seating and others allowing for very little spectator seating. Additionally, the Courthouse or Teach Democracy may limit the number of spectators in each room. Teams should be aware that spectator seating cannot be guaranteed and adjust the number of spectators accordingly. Every effort will be made to make this decision well in advance, but Teach Democracy reserves the right to respond to changing epidemiological circumstances by making this decision even in the days or weeks before the competition. Teams will be reminded of this fact at registration, and all spectators will be encouraged to make all travel plans refundable or to obtain travel insurance that will mitigate the impact of a late decision by Teach Democracy to limit the number of attendees. Teams may be required to certify during registration that they have informed spectators of this policy and its possible impact on their travel. For more details see Policies for an In-person State Finals.

Step Three - Registration Fee - Deadline is March 6th.

Each team member, artist, and journalist participating in the 2024 California Mock Trial Finals must submit a $95 registration fee per student. The registration fees can be submitted via online payment or mail the payment to Teach Democracy along with the State Finals Registration Fee form. A $25.00 late fee must be assessed for all payments made after March 6th.

Step Four - Waiver & Release Form - Deadline is March 6th.

Each team member, artist, and journalist must submit a waiver/release form to participate in the 2024 CA Mock Trial Finals by March 6th. The parents/guardians must complete the online waiver/release form. All team members, artists, journalists, teacher coaches, and attorney coaches must read and agree to the Policies for In-person State Finals.

Team Pictures

Team Pictures – At the welcome orientation, a slide show will be displaying the participating teams. Email 1-2 team photos to by March 13th.


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